Italian Haute Couture between Glorious Past
and Brilliant Future

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"When your dream comes true!"

I dreamed working in the fashion Industry since I was a little girl. Toy stores didn't interest me. My favorite entertainment was watching the fashion shows on TV or admiring the windows of women's couture boutiques.
I was lucky enough to learn needle work and tailoring from my mother that first understood my talent. I have to thank her for being able to teach me basic of cutting and sewing but most of all for allowing me to have only lifetime enjoyment in it, without any goal orientation or perceived competition. This pure “enjoyment“ attitude inspired me to show great expressiveness, free from any prejudice, rule or trend.

Year after year I became conscious that tailoring was “my” job and I moved to Torino for studying pattern - making and tailoring, as I am stronlgy convinced that School educate the Talent and discipline the Genius. Discipline is actually what turns talent into success.
These were years of hard study but also of inspiring immersion in the elegant Royals atmospheres of the town and in its innovative orientation to Contemporary Art and Design as well. My couture‘s style, swinging between a glorious past and brilliant future was born unconsciously over these years.
Having graduated with full marks immediately opened me the doors of an important clothing manufacturers company co-operating with International Fashion brands. I was very proud to be part of the technical team but above all to learn and to grow professionally, inspired by the works of great fashion designers who started the Couture and wedding dresses in the 1950 years, the most elegant decade of past century.
This personal success encouraged me to hope to one day open my own couture house and it happened in 2014 in Saluzzo, a little exquisite Piemonte town encapsulating all that makes Italy special in Art and Craftmanship.
I was finally able to realize my dream!

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