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Bruna Besso Pianetto ... the stylist

A luxury artisan: Bruna Besso Pianetto loves to be called this way. She is the founder of “Bruna Couture” high fashion and bridal brand and her creative and innovative workshop is located in Saluzzo, in the heart of Piedmont.

Latest Creations

Clothes are designed and then finished by hand with the tailor made care handed from generations to generations.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

"A wonderful message of female business leading the professional lady tailoring on Saluzzo, craft products'home. The Showroom’s feeling is ancient and modern at the same time: a meeting and working place where new sewing machines, old needle and thread go together in perfect harmony. Creativity and skills create unique garments that let her win Artisan Excellence Award."


Bruna Besso Pianetto




luxury artisan. That's the way Bruna Besso Pianetto likes to be defined. She is the founder and creative director of haute couture, leather and bridal high fashion brand named BRUNA COUTURE. The passion for fashion born with her; as a child refuses to go to bed if not clinched anything and grade in school who asks her what it means to grow up always responds will one day become a fashion designer.

More than a fashion designer, she feels a genuine "luxury artisan", which in these days is almost a noble title because the great artisan can really do whatever he wants in the name of the highest Made in Italy.
It is at the craftsman that fashion watch for the latest news on industry, fine and innovative workmanship, new solutions to modelling and embroidery…. There is more expertise, creativity and ability to revolutionize the world of fashion in a workshop than in the usual big company.
Awarded Eccellenza Artigiana, Bruna Besso Pianetto has the privilege to accompany her logo with the symbol of "Eccellenza Artigiana" which is the definitive consecration of an innate and extraordinary talent of a child became woman bringing with her, tattooed in soul, that dream never forgot, but always chased and reached with grit and determination.


runa has been establishing a close cooperation with Cristina Monte, an image consultant and founder of AUREA VIRTUS brand.
What is it an image consultant does?
"The image consultant helps to obtain the integration of personality through elegance and individual style, using internationally approved methodologies. She is using the “Aurea Virtus” to balance the personal figure, both in the individual context and in the professional context.
She can be a useful ally to accept your own physical and psychological image proposing practical, immediate, efficient and long lasting solutions.
As a result of physical objective observation, she helps you to enhance your personal characters that makes you unique and camouflage your flaws transforming them in style peculiarities."

Bruna Besso Pianetto

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night"
- Edgar Allan Poe -

Visit the showroom

The passion for uniqueness gives you the promise to wear "the perfect tailored dress of your dreams".

di Besso Pianetto Bruna

Via Seminario, 7/9 - 12037 Saluzzo (CN)

P.IVA: 03525730044

Tel: (+39) 0175 219573


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